#Cardiovascular fat volume linked to #body fat distribution in #women

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White women with higher BMIs and black women with more abdominal fat are more likely to accumulate fat around the heart.

Findings from a new study could help provide clues as to a female patient’s likelihood of having greater cardiovascular fat volumes.

The study, published in Menopause, included 524 women enrolled in the US Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN). The women were in varying stages of menopause, averaged 51 years old and were not on hormone replacement therapy.

The study found that every 1 standard deviation increase in BMI was associated with 66.7 per cent greater paracardial fat (PAT) volume in white women compared with 42.4 per cent greater PAT volume in black women, whereas every 1 standard deviation increase in visceral fat (VAT) was associated with 32.3 per cent greater epicardial fat (EAT) volume in black women compared with 25.3 per cent greater EAT volume in white women.

Black women had significantly less cardiovascular fat volumes compared with white women independent of adiposity measures.
The authors said the findings provide another tool to help evaluate patients and get a better sense of their cardiovascular disease risk. “It also may lead to suggestions for lifestyle modifications to help patients lessen that risk,” said senior author, Samar El Khoudary.


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