High-valency vaccines have slashed the prevalence of invasive pneumococcal disease

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The finding comes from a new study which measured the effects of introducing high-valency PCVs on the incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease in under 5s.

Four years after the introduction of high-valency conjugate pneumococcal vaccines, the incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease in young children has been halved, according to new figures from the Streptococcus pneumoniae Invasive Disease network (SpIDnet) of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

SpIDnet monitors the prevalence of invasive pneumococcal disease in populations at nine sites in seven European countries. Five of the sites use the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) alone and four use the 10-valent PCV (PCV10) and PCV13.

New figures from the network show that the introduction of PCV10 and PCV13 has resulted in an overall decrease in invasive pneumococcal disease in children younger than five years. The incidence decreased by 47 per cent compared with the previous period when the heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7) was used. Incidence decreased by 55 per cent when compared with the period before the introduction of the PCV7 vaccine. By contrast, the incidence of disease caused by non-PCV13 serotypes increased, suggesting serotype replacement.

Presenting the findings in the Lancet Respiatory Medicinre , the authors recommended continuing surveillance of the vaccination programmes in children and enhanced surveillance in adults and the elderly. They also recommend that more sites be included in the SpIDnet project.


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